Liz McKinney is a certified Law of Attraction Facilitator who's  passionate about enlightening people to their power and potential to lead more extraordinary lives.

The Law of Attraction uses the universal energy of the world to help us get more what we want and less of what we don't... we can re-frame our negative energy to positive and attract more of the  positive into our lives...Law Of Attraction is at work every moment of everyday, whether you believe it or not. Liz McKinney can teach a simple 3 step formula to show you how to tap into that energy to lead more productive and fulfilled lives. To become Deliberate Attractors. Its easy to know what we don't want. Harder to figure out what we do...Start figuring out what you want then start getting it!!!


Liz offers training seminars, one on one coaching and lively keynotes speeches in which she incorporates her singing and piano playing into the presentation.


So if you're looking for something different and unique for your  event  ..please contact us for booking information.


RE: The Law of Attraction

Dear Liz,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for inviting me to your Law of Attraction seminar last month. The topics of possessing an optimistic outlook, and focusing on the positive aspects of any situation, is one that I think most people believe in, but very few actually put into practise.

Your method of explaining how to bring this insight into our every day lives and the benefits received from doing so is something that I am forever grateful for.

What I learned in such a short period of time is invaluable in terms of building internal and external relationships, as well as maintaining my own sense of self worth.

Once again thank you very much. And on a side note, I will be encouraging all the staff at the clinic to sign up for your next seminar. Information such as this, needs to be shared.

Yours truly,

Tammie Watson
Community Development Coordinator
Canadian Blood Services
Kelowna, BC
T: 250-765-2669
C: 250-979-8053


Thank you for the information presented in your 2 hour seminar last night in Winfield.
I have always been a very firm believer in put it to the universe. I was thankful to have my husband attend with me. 

Your seminar just brought things back into better perspective for me and has made me even want things more for myself and my husband. Let the negative energy go. WOW My husband certainly feels good about the seminar. Love it.

I am a very positive person and so full of life and I see that in you.

Have a wonderful evening and even better day tomorrow. I know we will

Take care

Al & Gwen Gage

Lake Country

Don't take life too one gets out alive!